Parent Apps understand the problems faced by many schools.

Millions of parents use apps in their everyday lives
Put school information at parent’s fingertips
Make your school greener and send free messages
Receive less phone calls from parents
Save up to £10,000 a year

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Parent Apps specialise in mobile apps for schools, both Primary & Secondary.

Parent Apps keeps your School connected with parents and pupils

Parent Apps specialise in building mobile apps for schools that are affordable, simple to use and provide a new method of communication.

Our mobile applications are proven to save time and money and speed up how you send information to your community.

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Parent Apps for Android HTML5 and Apple

School Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
We build school apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and have them available to download for free from i-Tunes and Google Play app stores.

App development from Parent Apps

Packed with informative information.
Parent Apps easy to use content management system allows our apps to be easily updated. It also allows unlimited push notifications to be sent for free which can save your school a considerable amount over a year.

Parent Apps Mobile Applications for Schools

The perfect solution for schools.
Parent Apps was built from the ground up and the informative features that we design into our apps keep everyone fully up to date.

Parent Apps Money back guarantee

Risk free – 30 day money back guarantee
If you are unsatisfied with your mobile app within the first month of service, Parent Apps guarantees to refund your monthly payment.

Parent Apps build school mobile applications for iPhones, iPads, Androids and other mobile devices

Parent Apps for iPhone

i-Phone Apps
We design and build native apps for i-Phones and guarantee approval by Apple.

Parent Apps for iPad

i-Pad Apps
We also build apps specifically designed for i-Pads.

Parent Apps for Android

Android Apps
We build Android Apps and make them live on the Google Play App Store.

Parent Apps for HTML5

HTML5 or website app
A HTML5 version of your app can be integrated with your website. This allows people to access a website version of your app via their smart phone or tablet.

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Why Your School Should Have Its Own App

For busy parents, keeping track of everything, including their own hectic work life and what is happening with their children, involves a perpetual juggling act with information. There are deadlines to meet, meetings to attend and people to see. On top of that, parents have to manage the school lives of their children – get them to all those sports events and classes and everything else in between. This is were Parent Apps come in.

Many of us do pretty much all of our organising on our smartphones nowadays. For schools that want to communicate effectively and easily with the parents, having a dedicated school app developed has a number of brilliant advantages. Whilst many schools do make their websites mobile friendly so that it can viewed on the smaller screen of a smartphone or tablet, this approach does have limitations when it comes to disseminating important information.

The benefits of school apps

More primary and secondary schools are beginning to get involved with the latest technology and apps in particular.

In the early days of app development, it was a difficult process to commission and design a platform that worked and provide something with added value to both staff, pupils and parents. It is now easy to get a dedicated, bespoke solution that is highly affordable and has numerous great benefits for everyone involved.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of having an app for your school, or would like to receive a free quote, please get in touch with the Parent Apps team. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need.

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