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Effective communication is a fundamental requirement of Ofsted. A mobile app for your school will provide easy access to key information. Send push notifications for free instead of expensive text messaging services.

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Why use Parent Apps?

Ease of Use

With a very simple to use platform and tireless customer support, Parent Apps makes it very easy for Head Teachers and Business owners to make changes and updates to their app in seconds.

Save Time & Money

Our apps save time and money by reducing costs associated with other methods of communication. No more text messaging as push notifications can be sent for free.

Excellent Ongoing Support

Our team are committed to providing excellent after sales and ongoing technical support meaning you don’t need to worry about any potential issues.

Engage with your parents and staff

Our apps will allow you to engage with all of the people associated with your school or business.

Make your School or Business Greener

By uploading documents to your app means no more printing which in turn will make your school or business greener.

Extension of your Website

We see your app as an extension of your website. An app provides quick and easy access to certain items and also links to your main website.

Calendar Feature

By adding holidays, terms dates and events to your app will automatically add them to the smart phone’s calendar. They are then set as reminders meaning no more missed dates.

Performance and Analytics

With data tracking, analytics, and reporting, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your app. This provides live information on the number of downloads and the most popular tabs of your app.


Ofsted promote effective means of communication between the school and parents as a means of supporting the educational process.

About Parent Apps

Parent Apps are market leaders in the development and production of purpose built mobile apps for schools, both Primary and Secondary.  We pride ourselves in providing a low cost, reliable and easy to use mobile communication platform.

With many years experience in app development we have built apps for schools, sporting academies, day nurseries, softplay centres and even a 4D baby scanning clinic.

The use of mobile phones is part of our every day lives and has already exceeded the use of laptop or desktop PC’s. People spend on average 2.5 hours a day on their mobile device and over 80% of that time is using apps instead of websites. If given a choice most people would prefer to use a mobile app than a website when using a handheld device.

Having a mobile app for your school will hugely improve communication between all of those people within your community. A purpose built app will allow you to engage with parents, staff and your community on a regular basis meaning all App users can be instantly informed of anything exciting, important dates, news or special forthcoming events.

Purpose made Contact Forms make it easy for Parents to submit booking requests for certain school activities. This could be used for school trips, absence reporting, after school or any other forthcoming events.

Parent Apps brings all of the current methods of communication together in a simple, cost effective and informative mobile app that is available to download for free from both Apple and Google Play App Stores.

Our Apps can hold important documents such as newsletters, school policies, Ofsted reports and many more documents which in turn helps reduce printing and distribution costs. By uploading documents to your app provides the latest information in real time allowing parents direct access at any time.

Our easy to use AMS “App Management System’ allows you to log in to your app and make unlimited changes and updates. Our Apps remove the need for expensive text messaging services as push notifications can be sent over the network for free to all of the mobile phones of your users.

Many Head Teachers and business owners are now turning to apps as their latest form of communication. Our apps have a guaranteed return on investment and our money back guarantee provides piece of mind for those who are new to this type of technology.

Get ahead of the game and don’t get left behind in the latest digital revolution. Contact Parent Apps today to arrange a demonstration with one of our directors.

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Parent Apps build school mobile applications for iPhones, iPads, Androids and other mobile devices

Parent Apps for iPhone

i-Phone Apps
We design and build native apps for i-Phones and guarantee approval by Apple.

Parent Apps for iPad

i-Pad Apps
We also build apps specifically designed for i-Pads.

Parent Apps for Android

Android Apps
We build Android Apps and make them live on the Google Play App Store.

Parent Apps for HTML5

HTML5 or website app
A HTML5 version of your app can be integrated with your website. This allows people to access a website version of your app via their smart phone or tablet.

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