What Schools Need to do to be Graded Outstanding

When Ofsted come around it’s the dream of every school to get an outstanding rating that will set them apart as a provider of education. As with most professions and organisations, those that offer the best to their consumers share a number of traits that gives them an operational edge….

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How Technology Is Changing Education for the Better

Technology has not only changed the way we teach in our schools and colleges but how we look at learning on a wider social scale. We can download an app to learn almost anything nowadays from languages through to quantum physics and we have access online to more material and…

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How Good Is Your Schools Software?

Your school software can make life a whole lot easier for staff, pupils and parents but some establishments may be missing out on the latest hi-tech apps and hardware. Compared to the chalk and board teaching methods of yesteryear, our kids have access to some life changing technology. It not…

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Parent Apps owner Kevin Clayton

Parent Apps In The Press

Kevin Clayton, owner of Parent Apps has been in the press recently with the below article in the Liverpool Echo:

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school apps for parents

The Benefits of a School App for Parents

Keeping track of what’s happening at school and the next big events on the horizon can be a challenge for parents. If you also have to juggle your own work schedule and busy home life, as most of us do nowadays, anything that makes the day go a little bit…

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Ideas for the summer holidays

Ideas to Keep Children Entertained Over the Summer Holidays

June 23, 2015
Kevin Clayton

The summer holidays are fast approaching and the kids will have plenty of time on their hands to get up to all sorts of mischief. The perennial problem of finding them things to do in the two month break is now upon us and parents everywhere are scratching their heads…

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Parent Apps - Return on Investment

How To Prepare For OFSTED

Receiving the call from Ofsted can quickly result in a number of unpleasant symptoms for Head Teachers, teaching and support staff. In this short guide we are going to show you how you can make preparations to ensure that your school or college is as ready as possible for an…

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Custom App Appearance

Picking The Right School For Your Child

When it comes to selecting the right school for your child, you may already have a good idea of where you would like them to attend. However, it is important that the choice you make is the correct one. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right school…

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Parents Using Apps

Best Apps For Parents

Best Apps for Parents While the latest tablets and smartphones have been embraced by children around the world, there’s nothing to say that such gadgets can’t be deemed useful for parents as well. There are thousands of apps that cater for almost any need. The following apps are tailored for…

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