Our Powerful AMS “App Management System”

Our Powerful and simple to use AMS “App Management System” allows you to make as many changes or updates to your app as you wish. Once you update your app within our platform it updates across all devices in seconds.

Our AMS has been designed with simplicity in mind so making any changes is as simple as updating your social media account. Each tab can be updated very quickly which means that the time spent on maintaining your app is minimal.

Our apps are specifically designed with your school or business at its heart. Our AMS allows you to make as many changes as you wish, customising the functionality across a broad range of mobile devices without any programming knowledge needed. Update your content or appearance whenever you like and modify everything inside your app without having to send a lengthy update to Apple or Google.

As the App data is stored in the cloud as soon as you make the change the information has been updated within the app in seconds. This means your app users always have the latest information at their fingertips.

Push notifications are messages that are sent to all of your app users via your AMS. Push notifications are no more than 128 characters long and can be used to to send a simple message or can provide a link to a specific tab or website page.

Push notifications can be sent to both Apple and Android users and can also be connected to your social media pages. You can decide to send push notifications to all users or if you only want users inside a specific geographical.

Our analytics section within your dashboard displays the performance figures of your app. You can view daily, monthly or annual download figures or even set a specific date range for detailed reports. You can also see what tabs in your app are the most popular and a breakdown of new v’s existing visitors.

Using analytics is a good measure to see how your app is performing in terms of new visitors and what tabs are the most popular. This can help with specific communication or marketing objectives in the future. It also it can also help identify areas that may not be as popular or used a great deal. This valuable information can only help to make sure the app is constantly improved on an ongoing basis.

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Our Apps are quick and easy to update.


Simple to use
Our App Management system has been specifically designed with simplicity in mind. Its as easy as updating your social media.


Real Time Information
As each app is stored in the Cloud, once an update is made, all apps on all devices are updated in real time.


Totally Reliable
Using the latest server technology our Apps come with a 100% uptime guarantee that means your app is always online.

Push Notification

Fantastic Support
Our dedicated team are always on hand to help meaning you don’t have to worry about any potential issues.