Apps for Schools

Apps for schools are the perfect solution for all primary, secondary and further education schools and colleges. Recent surveys prove that people prefer to use apps to websites and most of their time online is spent using a mobile phone. All schools have a website but how many parents actually use it?

It is absolutely essential that all schools communicate effectively with parents, which can cost thousands of pounds over the course of the school year. Schools are currently using various means of communication such as text messaging and email but both have a cost and the information that is sent can be limited. If you also consider the printing costs it can run into thousands.

Benefits Of Having A School App

An app for a school has many benefits in that not only does it provide key information that parents can access quickly but it can also be used as a method of communication to all of the parents associated with the school.

Parent Apps have successfully built apps for a number of schools, which have all been a great success.

School App Features

After discussions with several primary and secondary schools we have identified the key features that most parents would benefit from.

Term dates is a classic feature that all parents would like to know. Whilst this information is posted on the school website our research has shown that most parents still do not know all of the term dates throughout the year.

Our term dates tab not only provides all of the term dates on one single page but each one can automatically be added to your i-Phone or Android calendar. Parents can even set an alert so they are notified beforehand.

Our events tab allows all forthcoming school events to be added to your app. They are then displayed in the app and all parents can instantly see what events are coming up. This could be things such as a sports day, school fete or even a parent’s evening.

Our documents tab has many uses and can also help the school save thousands on traditional printing costs. The documents tab can be used to provide quick and easy access to school policy documents, Ofsted reports, school meals menu, monthly newsletters and many more. Having such important documents accessible and at the touch of a button will provide many benefits for schools, parents and pupils alike.

Reducing printing will not only save a significant amount of money but it will also help to make the school more environmentally friendly and will help reduce their carbon footprint.

Our booking form feature can provide a quick and easy method for parents and pupils to pre-book certain trips, events or training courses. It removes the need for paperwork and speeds up the entire booking process. Imagine being able to book onto a school trip or event and making payment straight into the school’s bank account.

Send Push notifications for free and away with expensive text messaging services. Type the message, click send and everyone is notified in seconds. You can also link push notifications to a specific tab in your app or a website page.

Find Out More

All of the above is possible using a dedicated purpose built mobile app from Parent Apps. Start saving money, make your school greener and improve your overall communication. To find out more get in touch:

Call 0151 600 5499 or email us at

Our apps provide invaluable features such as:

Add to Calendar Term Dates meaning you always be informed.

Send Unlimited Push Notifications for free.

Keep informed with all of the extra curricular activities.

Access documents such as school policies, newsletters and Ofsted Reports.

Our Quick Contact tab provides direct telephone or email facility to the school.

Events & Parents Evenings. Never miss an event again.

View all the latest school meals menus.

Useful links to educational websites can prove useful for parents and pupils.

With a direct link to the school website our apps make it more accessible.

Social Media integration brings the schools social platforms together.

Custom booking forms speed up the booking process saving time and money.

Make your school greener and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our apps are one of the most cost efficient ways to reduce costs and improve communication for schools. Each school can ask the parents to download their app and always be kept up to date with events, news and activities at all times.…….


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