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Our Apps provide a complete mobile communication tool for your school, saves money and helps reduce your carbon footprint.
Our apps are simple to update and allow you to send messages quickly and easily.
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Our innovative School Apps have loads of great features

App Features

Term Dates and Calendar Feature
Always be kept fully up to date with term dates and other important events.

PDF Documents App Feature

PDF Documents
Upload PDF’s to display information for your viewers to open and read when they please.

Events Parents App Feature

Our event feature enables you to list upcoming and reoccurring events for your app users to see.

Push notifications Bellefield Academy

Push Notifications
Send out push notifications to all the app users to notify them of some news about your business. An alert will display on all the app users phones instantly.

News Feed App Feature

School Blogs
Display the blogs within your mobile app to display a custom and engaging experience.

Social Media

Social Media
Use your app to connect and engage with your students via social media platforms.

School Policies Feature

School Policies
Add in your behaviour polices, uniform policies and many more

Photo Gallery App Feature

Photo Gallery
Create your galleries with your photos and images for users to enjoy and show off what you offer.

Ofsted Feature

Ofsted Report
Easily view the Ofsted reports in the app

Booking Forms App Feature

Booking Forms
Allow your app users to sign up, book clubs, parties and sessions with an inbuilt booking form feature.

Contact Us App Tab

Contact Us
‘One Touch’ for calling, directions, email and website.

Absence Reporting

Absence Reporting
If your child is ill use the app to report any absences

Why your School needs an App

Most modern day parents live a fast paced and hectic lifestyle. Trying to juggle work commitments and family life can be difficult for most people. Trying to keep on top of household chores and other day to day activities can sometimes lead to disorganised chaos which is why these days many people run their lives from their smartphone.

Social media, messaging, planning and generally ‘making stuff happen’ – but when it comes to dealing with your child’s school, or looking for things to do of a weekend or during school holidays isn’t always as easy.

Forgetting important dates or being the last to know about forthcoming events is a common problem for most parents but a mobile app from Parent Apps changes all that.

Our apps are branded to your school using your existing colour theme and logo. We always strive to make sure our apps are an extension of your existing website. Your website is a valuable source of information but we make it easy for parents to access certain information with a path to the main website if they so need to access it.

Our apps also provide a brand new method of communication using our secure messaging service known as Push Notifications. Sending Push Notifications is free and removes the need for expensive text messaging services. You can use a Push Notification to send a simple message or you can link it to a specific tab or web page. Once the parent receives the message they only have to swipe the message to be redirected to the corresponding tab or page.

Allow parents easy access to school policies, uniform requirements, school meals menu, after school activities, newsletters and many other pdf documents. This provides parents quick access and allows them to read such documents at their leisure. It can also potentially save thousands of pounds a year on paper, printing and distribution costs.

Your school or business needs a mobile app so look no further than the Northwest’s leading app developer for this sector. Contact Parent Apps today to arrange a demo with one of our Directors.

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