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The Benefits of Having a Nursery App


If you run a nursery, chances are you already have a website. Apart from being a source of information for prospective parents, how often does your website get used?

If you want to build better engagement and keep your current parents up to date with the latest developments, you should consider a dedicated communication app for your nursery.

Increasingly, organisations are choosing to create their own apps to complement their existing websites. The cost has certainly come down over the last few years, making it an affordable choice that improves communication quite dramatically.

What Can a Custom App Deliver?

An app provides instant communication to parents and enables them to quickly and easily obtain important information from their child’s nursery. It also enables parents to submit information back to the nursery, such as forms and surveys.

Additionally, the app allows nurseries to send push notifications directly to parents for free, removing the need for expensive text messaging services. These push notifications can be sent directly to individual parents, to certain rooms or groups, or nursery wide to suit your needs.
You can use a custom app to promote upcoming events, send and receive consent forms, and even to allow parents to report absences. You could also give parents access to important information such as Ofsted reports.

You can add daily updates such as what’s on the lunch menu so that parents can stay informed about their child’s nutrition. Many of the nurseries that opt to have their own personal app also find other ways to engage with parents that they wouldn’t have considered before, such as sending home rhymes for children to practice at home.

And, the app has its own management system which is simple and intuitive to use. It will certainly cut down the cost and time you spend communicating to parents and will enable you to send out important messages in just a few seconds.

Why Choose Parentapps?

At Parentapps, we work closely with schools and nurseries to help develop apps to improve their communication with parents. We work with hundreds of schools and nurseries across the UK and abroad, providing a cost effective and simple use communication platform.

Our aim is to deliver highly affordable solutions that make it easy for you to stay in contact. Our apps not only provide an excellent communication tool for current parents, but also can be a huge selling point for prospective parents who want an easy way to communicate with their child’s nursery.

If you want a better, more efficient way to communicate and engage with parents, contact the friendly team at Parentapps today to find out more.

Why Should Your School Have a Dedicated App?


Why Should Your School Have a Dedicated App?
Apps are everywhere. Collectively we download billions of them to our mobile phones and tablets each year. We do our weekly food shops, book flights and bank all from apps on our mobile devices.
But is a dedicated app suitable for your school? Can it deliver better communication and added value to parents and pupils?
We take a closer look at how your school could benefit from having a dedicated app.

The Benefits of a School App
School apps give instant access to your school with just a quick tap of the app icon. Parent’s can keep it on their smartphone or tablet and always be sure that they can get the information they need fast and efficiently.

You can send notifications to parents. That means if you have an upcoming event or you need to communicate something urgently, you can inform parents quickly and easily. For example, if there’s bad weather on the way and you want to close the school early for the safety of the pupils, you can reach out almost instantaneously and inform parents to collect them.

Apps like Parentapps Connect not only enable schools to send out whole school messages, but also have the ability to send targeted messages to specific parents or groups. And, schools no longer need to wonder if the communication was received, because they have the added functionality to track whether messages were read.

A school app will greatly reduce the amount you spend on admin. Get your design right and think through what you want your dedicated app to do and you should be able to cut out a lot of paperwork and time spent phoning/texting parents or posting them paper letters. That releases your admin staff to do other important jobs and cuts down your school’s impact on the environment at the same time.

• You can integrate your own Management Information System (MIS) with your app to better improve communication
• You can also keep a clear audit trail of communications
• Apps like Parentapps Connect also come with a good deal of security to ensure that your school stays on the right side of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and follows proper safeguarding protocol
• You can use two step authentication, for example, for those users who are allowed to transmit information to others via the app and remove users if needed
• Parentapps Connect also has the functionality to send text messages and emails directly from the platform, ensuring that you are able to communicate with those family members who may not have downloaded the app

Your app can save you money on expensive text messaging services by replacing them with in-app push notifications, while also including a range of other information and features, such as:

• Term dates and upcoming events
• Newsletters and other information
• Consent forms and booking facilities for events
• Absence reporting and surveys

Additionally, one of the great features of Parentapps Connect is that it is branded to your school. That means you can create an app that fits with your vision and delivers the functionality your school needs.

How to Get a Dedicated School App
Designing your own branded app is easier than ever and more affordable than many people think. At Parentapps, we have a wealth of experience working with schools of all types, helping them to develop a dedicated communication tool that makes a big difference on a daily basis.
If you want to improve parental engagement, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint contact our school app development team today to find out more.

mobile responsive school website

The Benefits of a New School Website


There’s no doubt that digital technology has made a big difference to the modern world. Whether you’re a business trying to find customers or a school that wants to impress parents and stand out from the crowd, making sure you are up to speed when it comes to your website is important.

School heads know that good communication is key and one the easiest ways to stay connected to parents and pupils is through the school website.

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How to Create a Great School Website

How to Create a Great School Website


Think of your website as a portal. It’s a brilliant communication tool and one which can really highlight your successes and put your school on the map. Over time, your school website will be viewed by a variety of people including parents, pupils, Ofsted inspectors, those moving into the area and even those who are simply interested in what you are doing.

There are a variety of ways to make your school website more engaging and these simple measures can make a big difference to how that audience perceives you.

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