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Our innovative School Apps have loads of great features for Early Years, Primary and Secondary Schools.

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We can create a Custom Mobile App for your school. Our Apps provide a complete mobile communication tool for your school, saves money and helps reduce your carbon footprint. Our apps are simple to update and allow you to send messages quickly and easily.

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FREE Messaging

Break free from expensive and restricting text messages and send unlimited messages to parents at no cost

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Term Dates And Events

Parents can easily see all your school term dates & events and sync them to their own calendar

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Newsletters And Letters

Send your newsletters and letters directly to the parents via the app, without printing a single piece of paper.

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Consent Forms

Create any form you wish in minutes and allow parents to complete them with ease and submit them back to you.

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Create surveys /questionnaires that parents can complete via the app and submit back instantly.

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Class Pages

Create a class page to show parents what the children have done throughout the school year.

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Update Details

Get the most up to date contact details from your parents using our "Update your contact details" form.

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Absence Reporting

Use the app to report any absences

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Parents Booking System

Enable parents to book their time slots for parents evenings, after-school clubs and events.

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Electronic Payments

Accept payments for everything from fees to school meals.

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Photo Galleries

Create your galleries with your photos and images for users to enjoy and show off what you offer.

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Website Links

With a direct link to the shool website our apps make it more accessible.

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Our school apps provide invaluable features such as:

  • Add to Calendar Term Dates meaning you always be informed.
  • Send Unlimited Push Notifications for free.
  • Keep informed with all of the extra curricular activities.
  • Access documents such as school policies, newsletters and Ofsted Reports.
  • Our Quick Contact tab provides direct telephone or email link to the school.
  • Events & Parents Evenings. Never miss an event again.
  • View all the latest school meal menus.
  • Useful links to educational websites can prove useful for parents and pupils.
  • With a direct link to the school website our apps make it more accessible.
  • Social Media integration brings the schools social platforms together.
  • Custom booking forms speed up the booking process saving time and money.
  • Make your school greener and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Book your preferred time for your Parent's Evening appointments.
  • Engage with multiple family members and not just one primary contact.
  • Free up valuable time in the office and be more productive.
  • Happy Parents means Happy Children and Happy School.

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