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Make your Nursery Stand Out with a Custom Parentapps Connect app

Parentapps Connect for Nurseries is the perfect solution To improve parental engagement. Not only are our apps affordable and easy to use, but they are also loved by parents and provide a great selling point for any nursery.

Most nurseries have a website but how many parents actually use it? It is a necessity that all nurseries communicate quickly and effectively with parents which can be time consuming and expensive.

Nurseries are currently using various means of communication such as text messaging, email and newsletters but they all have a cost and the information that is sent can be limited. If you consider the costs of text messaging and printing costs alone it can run into the thousands.

An app will improve communication

An app for a nursery has many benefits in that not only does it provide key information that parents can access very quickly but it can also be used as a method of communication to all of the parents associated with the nursery. Parentapps have successfully built apps for a number of nurseries and all have been a great success.

Most if not all parents now own a smartphone that is with them most of the time. If you look at all of the time, money and resources it takes to communicate with parents then what could possibly be better than reaching them directly on their mobile phone?

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Parentapps Connect will allow you to send unlimited messages in the form of push notifications that pop up on the parent’s smartphone. A push notification can be a simple text message or a link to a detailed information bulletin, or even an attached secure document.

Think of the thousands it costs in printing, time and distribution for each item of communication that over time could be completely wiped out. Not only is it saving money but it also keeps the parents fully up to date with everything that is going on within the nursery.

Having an App also enables nurseries to reduce paper, ink, and wastage which helps to make nurseries greener and protect the environment. Reducing paper for all of the nurseries in Great Britain will save thousands of trees and reduce the carbon footprint they have.

Each one of our apps comes with its own AMS “App Management System” that each nursery can use to update the information and send out any push notifications. Our AMS has been designed from the ground up with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Once someone has been trained on how to use our system they can make updates and send important messages in seconds.. YES SECONDS!!

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Nursery App Design by ParentApps

Our apps for Children’s Nurseries provide invaluable features such as:

  • Accept electronic payments for everything from activities to fees
  • Send push notifications to specific parents or groups.
  • Staff profiles can provide added piece of mind for parents.
  • Events and important dates can be added into your events tab.
  • Send Secure documents to individuals or groups
  • Display nursery closure dates and opening hours.
  • One touch dial and email provide a quick and easy method of contact.
  • After school club and extra curricular activities information can be accessed very easily.
  • Links to local play centres and other activities can provide things to do at the weekend.
  • Integrated email and text messaging for parents without the app.
  • Upload your Ofsted Report for added piece of mind.
  • Create Booking forms so parents can book forthcoming events or trips.
  • Information on Free Childcare and the latest government legislation can provide invaluable information.
  • Full audit trail to give your school peace of mind
  • Our music tab can be used to upload well known nursery rhymes, providing hours of fun.
  • Upload Newsletters to reduce printing and distribution costs.
  • Read Receipts enable you to see exactly who has read your messages.
  • Payments. Our online payments facility will allow parents to pay for things such as fees, trips or merchandise via our app.
  • Multiple locations. Use one app for all your nursery locations and communicate to specific groups of parents.
  • Parents can add other family members, so you can communicate with the wider family and not just one primary contact.
  • Communicate with staff. Create a login for your staff for internal communication.

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