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At Parentapps, we’re always looking at new ways to improve the service we offer to schools. Most head teachers want to create an eye-catching website that really gives their staff, pupils and parents everything they need. The trouble is finding the people who can put time into its design and maintenance.

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The Benefits of investing in a Great School Website

Parentapps can now deliver top quality websites that really hit the mark and are tailored exactly to your needs. Just like our apps, we’ll produce a bespoke solution that allows you to keep everyone up to date and fits your school brand like a glove.

If you want your school to stand out from the rest, getting your website right is one of the first places you should consider changing. School sites can often stagnate and many haven’t been updated in line with the latest technology.

Communication is Key

Better communication is high up on the agenda for educational institutions these days and any way that you can improve your communication with parents is a huge advantage. There have been a lot of changes in web design over the last few years and Parentapps are experts in developing smart, modern and informative websites for schools.

Responsive Website Design for Schools

Responsive Websites

For instance, can your site be viewed and used just as well on a mobile device like a smartphone as it can on a traditional PC? More and more of us access the web on our phones or tablets and web design needs to be responsive to this.

Website Content Creation

Content Creation

A dynamic website has also become part of building credibility for many organisations such as schools. You can include all the information that parents need but you can also have great added extras such as a regularly updated blog, interactive services and video and images that promote you school to a wider audience.

Website Content Creation

Highly Affordable

The good news is that web design is now highly affordable. Web design is not just about an attractive appearance. It’s about good usability and having all the right components in the right place so that your viewers can easily access what they need. At Parentapps we are able to provide the right service at the right cost.

If it’s been a while since your existing website has had an update, perhaps now is the time to see what the team at Parentapps can do to deliver a modern and attractive new site that works on all devices and delivers better engagement with parents, staff and pupils alike.

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